Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Many Thanks and More

So Lint is very close to being empty. As Morgan and Nancy work dilligently to complete our few remaining tasks, I can't help but think about all of you who have helped me over the years. I want to take a moment to say thank you. Thanks to the crew that got it all started 4 years ago. Your hard work and volunteer hours did not go unnoticed. Thadeus, my amazing friend and talented carpenter. Crystal, my jill-of-all-trades. Tom, who can paint a ceiling standing on the top of a ladder. Matt, Jess, Tas, Skipp, Sarah, Johanna, Mom, Ken, Dad, Jen, Phil and those I've forgotten. Morgan, you gave me a month of your life and Lint couldn't have gotten it's start without your tireless efforts and loyalty. And thanks to my Grandmother, for loaning me the funds to take a chance. And thanks to my Husband, Peter, who stuck it out when it was most uncomfortable. It was worth it.

So if you don't know any of these people, don't worry. I also want to thank all of my customers, friends now. My loyal Knit-Nighters... John, Jo Ann, Nancy, Louisa, Marylin, Christina, Rachael and friends, and everyone else who shared our Tuesday evenings. It was really great, and I hope to be a part of it again soon.

And every Lint employee... You are the blood that pumps through the veins of the yarn store and brings it to life. Your creative energies and unique personalities brought life to my knitting world. Teak, the very first and most joyous. Laura, you've come a long way. Emily, endlessly creative and sweet. Hillary, to the end and beyond, always my friend. Mary, honest and loyal. Stina, quirky and cute. Patricia, lovely and wise. Jo, Darcy, Cheri, Elaine, Leslie, Leigh, Morgan... Thanks for making it possible to have a life and a business.

And Janie, Sandy, Jami, Sally... you know who you are. Thanks. Your support really means a lot.

I've been very tired, stressed, and otherwise beat-up, but I have felt so much love in the past few weeks that I know I will be carried through. I know the streak of sour luck will lift, the clouds will part, and I will again feel at peace with the world. But for now, once every job is completed and every box unloaded, I will rest. I will look at my darling boy on his very first birthday and know what is important. Feel overwhelming joy. So, thanks again, for reminding me, and making me feel cared for, and carrying me through. -M

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spinningmom said...

Love ewe too Melissa!