Sunday, January 22, 2006

San Diego Sun!

Hey there friends! Here we are in sunny San Diego checking out all of the fabulous new yarns and accessories for Spring. I can't wait for you all to see what we've ordered thus far. Our eyes are popping out of our heads and our hands have never felt such wonderful textures. It is certanly sensory overload here, but we're loving every minute of it! I have a lot of news, so let's get started!
If you're a fan of 1824 wool, well hold on to your seat because it's back! That's right, 1824 wool is back and better than ever. Yes, it's true the original mill stopped making this yarn, but some resourceful folks in Canada just wouldn't let it go, and we couldn't resist this classic favorite, so we ordered every shade. Expect the full line in the store sometime around the beginning of March.
And for all of you Koigu fans... we spent some quality time in their booth loving the yarns, picking out colors. We're adding 12 new multi-colors and 12 solids to tatalize your taste for this lovely stuff. Unfortuneately, this yarn is only dyed by Koigu's 3 employees. This means we'll get it in about 6-8 months. (Maybe sooner?)
Some of our favorite news come from Blue Sky Alpacas. These are some of the nicest people in the yarn industry, so I absolutely love to support them. There are 4 new Organic Cotton Colors, 8 beautiful new shades of Alpaca & Silk, 3 new melange colos or Blue Sky Sport and a new totally scrumptious luxury yarn called Royal Alpaca. This baby is some of the rarest and finest Alpaca in the world. (Softer than some cashmeres!) They also have some amazing new patterns that are fresh and hip. When we get our shipment from this show's order, we will have every one of their yarns in every single color. Love Blue Sky? Well Lint is your new heaven.
We also spent some time with Lorna's Laces, Offhand Designs, Lantern Moon, Rowan and more. Today should prove to be another exhausting yet productive day. When I get back, I'll fill you in on all of the amazing new companies that will be filling our shelves and warming your needles. Emily and I are completely beside ourselves with these new and amazing yarns... Until then!

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