Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Constant Accomplishment

I was rocking Mary back to sleep and looking at the laundry basket full of clean laundry waiting to be folded, when I thought of this... Doing the laundry is like a constant accomplishment.  There always seems to be this wonderful feeling when the laundry is done.  And yes, it does get done.  I've been doing it more often, so I don't get overwhelmed, and I have to tell you that it feels great every time I put those two white baskets back in the laundry room empty.  So, I guess I'm in a glass-half-full kind of mood these days.  

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Stephanie said...

Melissa-Your baby girl is just darling and we are so happy for your family. We had our own little one in April -- I had just found out I was pregnant when Lint was shutting, which is why my husband did all the lifting when we took the huge set of cubbies home. I hope to see you around in the knitting world. And I *totally* agree about the laundry.