Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I didn't fall off the face... if that's what you're wondering

I've been perusing some blogs and looking at what other people have been doing with their lives and I realized. Hey~ I have one of those too! So, If you're interested (and you must be if you're actually reading this) here is the haps.

I'm now working mostly from home, being a mom to now 16 1/2 month old Charlie. (I'll try to find a pic.) I'm learning all kinds of crazy computer skills. I'm also continuing to teach classes at Knitting Bee and Close Knit. I'm excited about a few coming up in January and February.

At Close Knit I'm teaching an intro to intarsia class using a project I designed. It's a cute little shoulder bag with a patch pocket. I designed a little bird that lives there and people seem to really like it. Check out the listing for it at www.closeknitportland.com.

At the Knitting Bee I'll be teaching a fair isle fingerless mitt class, an adventures in entrelac class and a tips and tricks class. All three of these should be great fun. (Especially the tips class.) I figured I'd gather up all I've learned in the last 9 years of working in knit shops and share it with you lovely people. Fun.

So, want to know anything else? My sister's getting married...

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