Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sale Starts Friday

We're expecting a rather large crowd on Friday morning, so please be patient with us if you're planning on joining the fun then. We've decided on a couple of ground rules to make the event safe for everyone. Firstly, we will not open before 10 am. If you see some people coming in before then, they either work here or they have a special appointment with me. Second, please form a line at the door and along side the building. We will only be allowing a limited number of people in the store at a time and we want the first ones there to be the first ones in. This is to ensure your and our safety, so please understand and be patient. This will only be a necessary step if we have a large crowd. There will be plenty of staff on hand to help you with your purchases and keep things running smoothly. I hope to see everyone at some point this weekend. Thanks! -M

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spinningmom said...

Good Luck! trish