Saturday, June 10, 2006

Namaste Needles and Bag Arrive

We have just received our shipment of gorgeous Namaste glass needles. These needles are made from Pyrex glass, so they are resistant to breakage. The tops are all different colors and textures. The needles have a hard shell case that you can buy separately to keep them safe. Namaste also has a great line of knitting bags and fabulous needles case. (Pictured here.) I snapped up one of these cases for myself so that I could have a place to put my extensive needle collection that was safe from baby. They come with different pocketed pages to fit different kind of needles and notions. A very cool item if I do say so myself. The pages can be ordered if you need more, like I do! These needles and bags are a must see item. Check them out at Lint, or go to their website.

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