Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Craft Sale at Apotheke 12/1

Considering going out for first Thursday? Come and enjoy lovely food and drink while you shop some wonderful local artisans including our very own Morgan Whalen. The address, it's 1314 NW Glisan (Apotheke) tomorrow night from 5-10pm.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Metropolitan Learning Center Visits

Aren't they cute! Today we had 12 students and visit from The Metropolitan Learning Center. They came as part of a knitting class taught by Caryn Cushman, who is doing her part to educate the next generation of knitters. The kids shopped for yarn, helped us wind down skeins and entertained us. Many of them left with their own temporary tattoos! Thanks guys for visiting Lint!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Holiday Charity

Busy fingers for you and me... maybe it's time for some charity? I thought I'd take a moment before the totally crazy holiday knitting begins, to tell you all about a couple of charity projects that Lint and you can take part in.
Firstly, we are still collecting hats and mittens for orphans in Kazikstahn. Infant through child sizes are greatly appreciated. This is a great way to use up your extra yarn and help out some little heads and hands. We'll keep accepting these donations through February.
The Busy B Team is still working hard at putting together hundreds of Barbie Doll kits to give away this year. What they need from you is a blanket size 7" X 9." It can be any yarn, any stitch. (Another great yarn user-upper!)
Lint is part of the Mercury's annual auction for charity. You will have your chance to bid on an amazing package of gifts certificates that include private lessons with me, finishing services and $100! Check in out at
Last but surely not least, we have just started participating ing the Annual Joy Drive benefiting the Starlight Children's Foundation. This foundation distributes toys of all kinds to seriously ill children year-round. One of the items on their wish list is knitting kits. Have some extra yarn and needles? Maybe you could help out a little darling who wants to learn to knit. You can drop off this and any other unwrapped toy donation to Lint. For more info go to
Thanks to all of you who find the time to give to these and other charities. And thanks for supporting our efforts in giving back to this amazing community.

Friday, November 25, 2005

After Turkey, on to Knitting!

(Just a little peek at our newest window display. My husband Peter knit this 8 ft wide mohair thing, and we made it into art. Bubble Gum anyone?)

All right... the Turkey's done, you're all rested. I guess it's time to knit! We're ready for you here. We have tons of great ideas for fun and fast projects to make for gift giving. Or if you want more detail, we have a class taught by Jo Mackby called "Quick Gifts." It's just a one day workshop on Monday, December 12 from 5:30-8:30. Give us a call if you want to sign up. 503.226.8500.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New Yarn, New Needles (Hooray!)

What's new you ask?
Mmmm.... Merino Stripe. A beautiful yarn blend in gorgeous colors. It's similar to Merino Frappe but slightly larger in gauge. I haven't knitted anything up yet, but my imagination is certainly wandering...

So what else you say? Well, we just got in these totally awesome circular needles. They are Daisy plastic circulars from Crystal Palace. (Aren't they cute?!) They only come in sizes 9 and up, but they are amazingly affordable. ($5-12.50) Plus they are super duper cool in all of their fun colorways. Just like little daisies in the meadow...

Sewing Class Success!!!

The Simple Sewing class conlcuded this past Sunday. It was definitely a success. Look at these wonderful needle cases! Can you believe these are beginners?!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sewing Class and Koigu Love

Ahhh..., how beautiful can one yarn be? As beautiful as Koigu. Come in and see these delicious colors for yourself.

Hear that buzzing, whirring and clicking? Yes, that's sewing machines!!! The first of 3 sessions, took place on Sunday, the first ever sewing class at Lint. Taught by Emily Bixler, these students are learning the basics of using a sewing machine while making a super-handy needle case. (We know that crafty doesn't just mean knitting!) We can't wait to see how their projects turn out.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Koigu, how we love you...

We just got word that our Koigu shipment will be here on Thursday. All I can say is... It's about time!!! Everyone has been waiting anxiously to see these beauties in person. (Including me!) I can't wait until Thursday!

(Can you believe how beautiful Manos is?)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Take a Sweater Class!

Today is the last day to sign up for Leigh Radford's sweater class. This is an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time with a professional, learning to make the exact sweater you've always wanted. It starts Monday...Give us a call for more info! 503.226.8500.

Oh yeah, and there's just one more space in the Simple Sewing class. This is a great opportunity to learn to make a fabulous needle case, and get some great hand-holding in the process. This one starts tommorrow. Don't miss out!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

yarn baby

sheepish day...

Lambs pride anyone? Today we received a monster shipment of Lamb's Pride... Sure, there's still a few backordered colors, but just look at all of these!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We Thought You'd Like to Know...

Hello out there in cyber-knitting land! This is the first post of many I'm sure. I just thought you might want to have updates on the happenings here at Lint. You know, things like... new yarn shipments, cool classes, events, my ramblings, and your projects. I know there's some of you out there that are far away, and this is a good way for us to keep in touch. Knitting is about commutiny, family and friends. You are all of these things to us. So... get ready for some fun!